I'm a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys.Guess what. I'm a millionaire!!!!

I went through all my old emails and spam, (spam is good) and found out that I have been offered 41 jobs, including pharmaceutical aid, radiology technician, column writer and an ultrasound nurse. If I where to accept all of these job offers then I would receive $2,951,302 in salaries a year. Not a bad income. 

Also, I am approved for up to $63,000 in loans and pay advancements.

And now the best news of all. 

I have won or will "earn" with with only a few clicks a total of $51,920. That's right. And that total does not include my new digital camera, 2-Xbox 360s and a lap top.

Just think of what I could have missed if I did not clear out my spam filter. 
I love spam!!!!!



ReillyClan11 said...

So how long would you work if you had 41 jobs??? You would be a great 'ultrasound nurse'. :) (haha)

Anonymous said...

man, you scored! maybe we can answer a few of those job ads or maybe claim the 51,000 dollars that you aren't going to. hmmm... you don't mind if i give them YOUR bank info instead of mine when they ask for it, do you? i'll give you 10,000 bucks for the favor!
p.s. just joking

Melissa said...

In McCain's words "He's going to share the wealth" He wasn't really talking about Obama he ws talking about you... right?!?! Pretty please!!!!! : )

Blue-eyed lass said...

haha, this is what you were telling me about as your mom was trying to get you to leave the fort the other day! I agree with Melissa...feel like sharing?? :)

Melissa said...

Tag!! Check out my blog post for info!

Graydon L said...

Hey Jonny. I tag you. Go to my blog for detals

Stephanie said...

I tried to become a follower, but it didn't work... oh well. Anyway, here's a link to my blog: www.homeschoolblogger.com/Steph17
I hope it works.