Nov 18th Todays History!!

The past is full of sorrow and Bloodshed. it is up to us to obey Gods Word and pave a new future
Jim Jones was the founder and leader of the cult group the Peoples Temple. He was born on May 13 1931 and died on Nov 18 1978 from Suicide Jones from his early life was interested with Communism as a boy he was known to study the works of Communist leaders. As a man in 1951 he began to move into politics with a surprising energy and commitment, joining the Communist party and actively attending meeting and rallies. Jones soon became bitter toward the populous and government due to the ostracism that the Communist party officials received at the hands of the people. he was frustrated that the communist party wasn't able to move forward in their agenda so his thoughts and turned to new ways of obtaining a communist utopia. Dear reader I implore you to think for a moment if you where Jim Jones how would you strive to secure this goal of Communism. Jones plan is perhaps more sinister than you can imagine and surprisingly creative, Infiltrate the church. he got help from a Methodist superintendent that got him a student pastor position at Sommerset Southside Methodist Church, but He left the church Because its Leaders Barred him from integrating blacks into His Congregation. Jones then began his own church the Peoples Temple Christian Church Full Gospel.(some full Gospel) the temple (for short) grew on the back of his excellent preaching and recruiting skills. about this time the Indianapolis Democratic Mayor Charles Boswell appointed Jones director of the Human Rights Commission. Jones used this position to spread his Ideas about Communism. he also took on a non segregationist position for blacks and strove for black rights. Jim Jones then started a new project called the "Agricultural project" in the South African country Guyana. the point for this new project was to make a sanctuary from the Media and a location to create a socialist paradise. the new town began construction in 1974 Jones decided to name the town Jonestown in his own honor. because of the confidential nature of the compound to keep the media out and for maintaining control and power none the Jonestown residents were allowed to leave. Jones soon became more and more self-destructive becoming addicted to drugs and living an immoral degrading life during this time a group formed calling themselves the concerned relatives. they soon began several legal battles in hopes of shutting Jonestown down. Congressmen Leo J Ryan came on November 15 to investigate Jonestown and satisfy his own curiosity on the matter. He interviewed many of the people there and agreed to take back 15 people who expressed a desire to leave Jonestown. Leo Ryan and the 15 deserters where at the Port Kaituma Airstrip preparing to leave on the November Th 1976 when a farm tractor with a trailer pulled up with armed men from Jamestown, Leo, and four others were killed . Leo Ryan is the only congressman to be murdered in the line of duty. Jones gave his final sermon on that day imploring everybody to commit suicide. he is recorded saying "Don't be afraid to die, death is just stepping over into another plane and that a friend." he encouraged his people to welcome death "We didn't commit suicide, we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world." Jones encouraged people to take the offered flavor aid mixed with cyanide and a sedative, he told people to lay down in family group and die. many took the drink willingly trusting Jones all the way to death. others were forced to take the drink or suffered some other form of death at the hands of the compliant. the children were forced to drink first and composed over one third of the population that committed suicide, May God Be with their soles. 909 inhabitants of Jonestown died that day on November 18 making it The greatest single loss of American civilian life in a non-natural disaster until the events of September 11, 2001, This is what happened in today's history, trust in God and his word for the truth.

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