Abby the human sack of potatoes.

This is my trip to Canada to pick up grandma from the airport.

This is my crazy family. (left to right Abby, me Amy, Ryan,  Graydon, Gabe ,Grandma)
Like father like son. just look at the power, Feel the emotion as they play a perfect duet.

This first video is the ice cream role.                

And the second one is called the Abby dog 
(like hot dog.)

I wish someone could do this for me.


L.C. Bryan said...

Abby is too cute! I like the hot dog. Oh, to be a little kid again!

ReillyClan11 said...

That is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

great shots,
glad you're online now so i can see what you are up to

J-Man said...

Hi Amy glad you like it, stay tuned for more family fun,

~Leanne It would be nice to be a kid again. Think of the thrill of being able to role up in a blanket and get spun at hi velocity, sigh gaiter rides will have to do.

Melissa said...

Abby it so cute!! Looks like tons of fun!!