Lost art of translating French

OK I did some more research
and I finely discovered a way to translate French words that even most of the French don't use vary often.

step 1 insert word into a online French dictionary.

step 2 copy the French gobly gook description

step 3 paste it in a French English translator.

the first word rente, was able to be translated with just the french englesh translator but apanagère needed the fortold treatment.

so for your own benefit and the growing of the little gray cells, rente means private income and apanagère means prerogative, in royal inheritance

so in this context rente apanagère means said prince is given and has the right to a private income that he gets because he is in royal inheritance.

the French constitution of 1791

8. No real apanage shall be granted to members of the Royal Family.

The younger sons of the King shall receive at the age of fully twenty-five years, or at the time of their marriage, a rente apanagère, which shall be established by the legislative body and shall terminate with the extinction of their masculine posterity.

BTW some of the resourses I used are, http://1828.mshaffer.com/, http://webtranslation.paralink.com/, http://dictionary.reverso.net

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