Feel the Rhythim, Feel the Rhyme, Get On Up, It's Shotgun Time!!

I am actively looking for a shotgun that I want to buy (when I get the money) and in my research I found this vid tell me what you think?



Jonathan said...

That requires some serious edit work!

Get the 870! You can't go wrong. Unless you want an automatic, then get the 1100. Both made by Remington, two very solid guns.

We have an 1100 from the 1960's that is still in nearly perfect condition, minus some field wear on the stock.

J-Man said...

I didn’t know that you had a Remington 1100. It is totally a wicked gun, but I would like to try it before I buy it. I was also looking at the stoeger conder over under. All the revues say it’s a solid gun but the only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s not made in the USA. I will save a budget for 400 dollars. So I will see what I can get for that kind of money. Do you have Remington 870 as well?


Jonathan said...

Nope, no 870. Although, it will probably be my first shotgun to purchase.

Josh NG said...

that was cool

PS a 1100 is a good gun