Funky Five.

We are the human medley family.

We where going to make a CD cover what do you think?

Now Abby doesn't get any cuter then that, and for those (very) young men out there she is still on the market.
Look at those tear stained eyes.
Hiel Abby!!


Blue-eyed lass said...

Oh my goodness Abby is absolutely adorable!! :-) I can't believe you actually said she is on the market though...such a good older brother :P haha Cute pics...although, I can't figure out how your head is missing in the last one! (oh and very creative suit in the last post by the way...) Anyway, how old is Abby?

ReillyClan11 said...

There is some thing missing in the last picture.

J-Man said...

First of all, Abby isn’t my sister.
She is my niece.
Its ok. I forgive you. She is actually my older brother’s daughter. I have one older brother and a sister who are twins and both married. My brother has two children and my sister has one and both families’ have one on the way.

To find out what happened to my head, look closely at what is under Abby’s nose. See if you can tell me what it is. Then tell me which of the two kitchens in the background you like better.

And by the way Abby is four.

Jonathan L.

Blue-eyed lass said...

haha, ok good, glad I am forgiven! Seriously though, you have the cutest niece ever...
hmm...I can't tell what is under her nose...at first glance it looks like she is sucking on a large pacifier or something...but maybe its your head...somehow...I can't figure out how you would have gotten it so tiny though. Really Jonny...do you always let your nieces take a bite out of your head?? hahaha The picture looks like a mirror image though because both sides are the same. There has got to be a trick to it, and I can't figure it out! And the kitchens look the same too...just flipped.

J-Man said...

OK I guess I will just tell you.
All these pictures were done with my older brothers new computer which has a web-cam mounted on the top. The computer also has a program that does weird things with the photos that are taken with the web cam. This particular picture is a mirror image of the left side of the screen. So all I had to do to make my head disappear was lean it to my left. Abby’s mustache is the finger of my left hand. NOT MY HEAD. Again I must forgive you.

Jonathan L.

Blue-eyed lass said...

haha...wow you are on a roll tonight with this all this forgiving me! :P I didn't REALLY think it was your head...I just couldn't figure out where your head really went, now that you told me I can totally tell its your finger, 'cuz I can see fingernails now...its all making ssense haha. Ok i'll send ya an email

Stephanie said...

Those are very interesting and sometimes goofy pictures. Abby is sooo cute. But then again, I have yet to come across a toddler who isn't cute.

Happy New Year!!


ReillyClan11 said...

read pray and share!!


Melissa said...

Jonny you need to post!!! I tagged you, check out my blog for you mission... :)