Welcome to my blog!

Hello everybody! Welcome to my new blog!

I see you out there... yes you.

I know you're happy to see my new blog, just like I am.

Don't leave or I'll be sad! :-(

But I know you won't, so I'm happy! :-D

My name is... uh... um... oh, gee... I forget.

I hope to post to this blog on a semi-regular schedule (as long as Grady isn't on the computer) and hopefully I'll be putting up my new series "Funky Five" pictures every now and then. Thanks for hangin' out, please become a follower, and come back for future posts!



David said...

Hey Jonny,

Great blog. Those pictures are hilarious!!!

L.C. Bryan said...

Hi Jonny!

Are you going to post some quotes and article on here? I look forward to seeing more on your blog.


P.S. I'm so glad you don't always look like that!

J-Man said...

~David. Thanks!

~Leanne. Yes, but I don’t intend to do much writing, since I'm not very good at typing. However if I find a good article online, the only typing I will have to do is Ctrl-C and Ctrl-v. And so I plan on keeping this blog simple, posting mostly videos and pictures.


ReillyClan11 said...

Welcome to the bloging group. :) The pictures are so funny. O and practice makes perfect, you should try to write more so that you can get better at your typing. Hope you like bloging.

L.C. Bryan said...

I'm not that good either on typing. But you really should do some of quotes and stuff, I hope to do some more soon.

Anonymous said...

Did you use a Mac to take those?